Students of UWE Reoccupy

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Education, Strike, UK

UWE Students against Cuts have re-occupied Core24 Cafe University of the West of England Frenchey Campus in support of our UCU Lecturers strike against management restructuring, job losses and cuts.

At 1500 on Wednesday 9th February, around 30+ students from UWE voted to occupy a section of the D-block of the University of West England’s (UWE) Frenchay campus in protest at the managements proposed ‘restructuring’ and in solidarity with the striking  UCU lecturers at their university.

Vice chancellor Steve West and his managers are implementing a rushed restructure of the university which will lead to academic staff competing for ever decreasing resources while themselves dealing with excessive workloads and the fear of redundancy.

Students are being expected to pay soring tuition fees whilst at the same time their lecturers (the primary sources of their education) are being put under increasing pressure whilst being dropped onto lower pay scales. As a result of the restructuring, 80 staff positions are expected to be lost.

If management are successful in their “restructuring” program then we will find our already paltry contact hours cut while class sizes will increase, meaning that lecturers will have even less time to spend focusing on helping their students.

Cuts in education are being made in universities across the country as part of a massive contraction in the provision of higher & further education to any that can’t afford the price hikes.

Students at the occupation plan to spend Thursday supporting their academic staff’s strike with petitioning and various protests planned across the UWE campuses.

UWE students previously occupied university property for a period of 26 days as part of their continuing campaign fighting against the education cuts. This action has been part of a nationwide movement that aims to fight against the cuts imposed by the coalition government and has been diligently implemented by UWE administration, without due concern for student welfare.




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