Unmarked Photo Opp.

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Bristol, Police

Driving the the centre of Bristol, the wind in your hair and everybody turning to look as you pass. Sounds ideal? Well if you are an American Military Jeep hosting a troop of excited young women enjoying a night on the town then you are in the right place. On Saturday 4th May such a vehicle (fitted with four seats) had the pleasure of this experience, its six occupants (none of which are wearing seat belts) drove joyfully about, cheering and brandishing the beloved stars and stripes before an unmarked police vehicle switched its lights on and promptly pulled it over. The joy was yet over though for as the officers stepped out of there car little questioning was done as the coppers happily posed for photographs wit the jeep’s occupants before letting them get on there way, where the driver almost hit a passing cyclist. Another fantastic use of our boys in blue.


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