Tommy Robinson To Become Deputy Leader Of The British Freedom Party

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Anti-Fascism, BFP, EDL

In a joint research venture HOPE not Hate and the bloggers at EDL News documents have been obtained containing the details of a meeting in Luton on Saturday 14 April, 2012, between the British Freedom Party Executive Committee, the leaders of the English Defence League and others which detail that the head of the EDL, Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), will be named deputy leader of the British Freedom party this week after proposing that the group adopt virulent anti-Islamic policies as its central strategy.

Although Robinson’s appointment as Deputy Leader has not officially been passed by the party, the documents suggest that this is only a formality and will be unanimously passed. The alliance between the EDL and BFP was formed in November last year, the links are set to become stronger as Robinson joins the party leadership. The EDL planned to announce with merger themselves ahead of the Luton demonstration planned for Saturday 5 May.

Last week, a BFP member tweeted his support for Norwegian killer Anders Breivik, while an EDL member defended the 34-year-old, currently on trial in Oslo after confessing to the murder of 77 people last July, and said that if he had “singled out the muslim filth” he would be viewed as a hero.


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