The Gremlins Are Back.

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Squatting, UK

During the early hours or Sunday morning activist group the ‘Gremlins’ entered and occupied the Canton Police Station on Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff. The squatting crew gained access to the former police station after reportedly climbing through several open windows. The Gremlins, who describe themselves as a network of travellers, homeless people and supporters who campaign for the right to squat have previously occupied the Bute Dock Hotel in Cardiff Bay and the former Spin ten-pin bowling centre on City Road.
A spokesman for the group has said: “We did not ask for permission [to enter] as it’s our legal right to do so. We are standing up against corruption and brutality within the police force.” adding “We squat as we believe corporations have no right to own property. We squat here to show people that not everyone is afraid.”

In a prepared statement, the activists make accusations against police over the handling of the Lynette White murder investigation, which collapsed in December 2011.

As ever the Gremlins are welcoming visitors and guests and will even be giving tours of the cells.


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