Topman scraps ‘Nazi Jacket’

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Anti-Fascism, Fashion
High street fashion giant Topman is once again making 
headlines for it's callous approach to design. This time 
instead of misogynistic t-shirts the retailer has been 
selling clothing emblazoned with Nazi insignia. 

The jacket in question, the £205 “grunge look” Horace hooded
denim jacket featured an emblem worn by Second World War SS 
The ancient Norse odal rune, a symbol which like the 
swastika, was appropriated Adolf Hitler to symbolise 
his belief in a pure Aryan race. The symbol was worn by 
ethnic Germans of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division 
in Croatia. It has also been adopted by neo-Nazi skinheads 
and right wing fascist groups. 

The men's clothing retailer, a part of Sir Philip Green's tax-
dodging Arcadia group, apologised for the blunder after it
was pointed out by an online shopper. 

The shopper, from Hove, East Sussex, posted a review pointing out the fashion faux pas on the
Topman website. Talking to The Mirror he said: “A friend of mine who wears punk-style clothing 
shared the link with me on Facebook. When I looked more closely I saw the Nazi insignia.” 

ss collatrAdding: “When I checked to see if Topman had published my review
I noticed they had withdrawn the jacket from sale." 

The jacket, part of the Horace fashion range made by an outside supplier,
was only available online at Topman. A store spokesman said: 
“The jacket was not designed by Topman. We apologise for any offence 

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